Pay per Month Web Hosting Service

Jumpstart Your Online Business with a Pay per Month Web Hosting Service

You probably want to start a website, which is a great idea.  A lot of other people want to venture into an online business or blog, but never get around to it.

Don’t be one of those people.

You can do it.  You may not have any idea how to construct a website.  That’s okay.  Building a website is easier than ever with free tools like WordPress that can be installed in 5 minutes once you have a web hosting account.  WordPress is as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

You may also be worried about the costs of starting a website.  What if I was to tell you that you can get online with your own site for less than $10?  You’d want to start building your site right now, wouldn’t you!

So here’s what you do.  Sign up for a pay as you go pay per month web hosting plan.

Pay per month web hosting accounts that provide reliable and secure service are hard to find.  Almost all web hosting plans require you to buy a whole years worth of service up front, which can be a big initial cost.  But we’ll share a secret with you … you can buy hosting per month at Hostgator!

Hostgator’s pay per month hosting accounts are made to meet almost any website building plans.  Website owners can easily upload content for their websites to their servers without any hassles. Or, if you’d like to start a WordPress blog or website, Hostgator has a one-click blog set-up that will have your site up and going within minutes.

Start now.  You know you want a website, but you’ll never have one unless you start building one.  Get Hostgator web hosting now, and start your own website or blog by the end of the day.  Seriously.

Hostgator- the Perfect Web Host

Now that you have an idea about pay monthly website hosting services then you may want to know which web hosting company can provide you with an excellent web hosting service. So, if you are looking for a web hosting company that can offer you unlimited services then Hostgator should definitely be your option. This web host is ideal for your company no matter how small or big it is as it offers a lot of features that let you improve your business further. It has a very strong reputation that has been tested and proven for many years now.

With Hostgator you can actually get an unlimited hosting plan which costs $4.95 per month. This is a way lot cheaper compared to the services of other pay per month web hosting. However, in order to avail of this very cheap package you need to engage into a 3 year plan just like what is mentioned earlier about shared web hosting services.

But then you can have the option to go for pay per month hosting and pay a monthly due of $8.95. This may be a little more costly but you will get you all the amazing features like unlimited databases, disk space sub domains and bandwidth.

With this cool starter package, you can enjoy all the wonderful features that Hostgator has to offer and benefit from pay monthly web hosting service. With this, you no longer have to commit for years in a service that you may not benefit from in the future. This type of service is ideal if you are just starting out with the business and you want to know whether you can make some money online.

What Is Included in The Hostgator Plan?

You may want to know what your pay per month website hosting plan is comprised of before you engage to it completely. With Hostgator this should not be much of a worry since you can benefit from excellent features that can truly help you set up your online business and make it grow.

Using Hostgator pay per month website hosting services can lead you to a website builder that lets you create websites that looks so professional even without adequate knowledge of web design. The website builder involves click and point options which helps you design your very own website without the aid of professional web designers. You may also choose from a lot of templates so you definitely have a high chance of having a template that fits your business.

Another inclusion of the Hostgator pay per month web hosting service is the Hostgator Control Panel which is thought to be one of the most effective control panels that you can use for your website. With this, you can install forums, blogs and a lot of software on your online site with just a few clicks on your mouse. You do not need to be very skilled in web design with Hostgator which is why it is the most preferred web hosting company in the market.

With this pay per month hosting service you also get to have an advertising coupon for PPC which lets you jump start the online advertising campaigns by transmitting targeted traffic to your online site without any charge at all. Truly, Hostgator offers fantastic services at a reasonable price.

Two Types of Web Hosting

Basically, you will have to deal with two kinds of pay per month hosting such as shared and dedicated web hosting. With this, you may want to know the cost of starting up a website with these two kinds of pay monthly web hosting.

  • Shared Web Hosting Cost

In actuality, shared web hosting involves the lower monthly cost than dedicated web hosting. A pay per month website hosting in this situation can cost you as low as $2 a month most especially if you get to avail of special promos. However, you have to look at these promos very carefully as the low price is a little bit tricky at times.

Usually, the low price offered by a pay per month web host can be tied to years of web hosting plan. With this, you may end up paying high upfront fees that can go as much as $50 to $100 in order to get started with your website. The fees may include the fees for domain name registration but may not cover other fees like set up charges.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting Cost

Essentially, pay per month web hosting charges for dedicated hosting can be more expensive than those of shared hosting. The cost may range from $8 and go as high as more than $20. But the good thing about this service is that you will not have to pay an entire year of service unlike with shared web hosting.  If you just want a simple website or blog, you don’t need dedicated hosting.

With this type of service you can benefit from pay per month hosting and continue with this until you go along with your site. Thus, the startup cost for dedicated web hosting can be less expensive than that of shared web hosting.

With a dedicated web hosting provider you actually pay monthly web hosting as it is. So, this kind of service is most beneficial if you are starting out in the business and you want to try whether your website will bring in some cash. Thus, it is actually less expensive to go for dedicated web hosting that offers pay per month website hosting unlike with shared hosting that may require you to pay for years of service.


Pay per Month Web Hosting Service